Bicycle paradise in Dordogne

1-6 nights


Château les Merles lies in the middle of the picturesque Périgord Pourpre. The landscape varies in wine chateau with ancient oak trees, scenic rivers, medieval towns, abbeys, churches, forts and castles and paying a visit to one of the unique cities Sarlat, Périgueux or Bergerac will allow you to travel back in time. The valley of the Vézère is not called for nothing ‘La vallée de l’homme’, the valley, where the cradle of the humankind lies. The Catharsis, the Hundred Years’ War and the Huguenots left their trails in Périgord – the historic name of the Dordogne. On the various terraces on your route, you will be able to discover ‘La douce France’.


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You can discover the Dordogne in a unique way from Château les Merles - on your bike. We are lending electric and normal bikes to cheap prices. The bikes stand by readily at the hotel when you arrive and we will provide you with free and detailed Roadbooks for your day long excursions: maps, distances, sights and landmarks, beautiful terraces and GPS (charged) if requested. We can give you information and advice about great spots and sights, away from the busy streets. If you want, you can obviously bring your own bicycle.

The Belgian journalist Chris Michel ( is a true cycling fan and is coming to the Dordogne since years for his cycling holidays. In the meanwhile, he got to know dozens of beautiful bike paths: “Every one who I invite to cycle in Périgord can hardly believe how beautiful and entertaining it is to discover the region by bike. In France, cyclists usually avoid the national main streets, but it does not present a problem here. There is only little traffic on 99 per cent of all streets and you will find yourself in the most beautiful sceneries. And you will discover the fascinating history and the rich historic heritage without even recognising it. The Dordogne is a hidden gem for cyclists of each age.”


Choose between 9 routes ranging up to 120 km presenting stunning sceneries, sights, chateaus and landmarks on the way. The routes are excluding the main streets and you will be surrounded by French countryside, terraces and little villages.


Bike gear & equipment,

You can lend from the hotel:

Normal bike
Hybrid bike
Electric bike
Our services:
Bike checkups
Free Road books with information about routes, sights, terraces and landmarks.



Our 4-star hotel offers 16 rooms in modern design and all necessary amenities for your sports stay. We will board you with a breakfast buffet, snack for your bike tour and dinners suitable for sports nutrition.

Choose between:

Double room

Double room de luxe



Villa (6-8 pers.)



Le Cingle de Trémolat


Dénivelé positif 321m

Dénivelé négatif 326m






Château de Monbazillac


Dénivelé positif 372m

Dénivelé négatif 367m




Le Cingle de Trémolat


Dénivelé positif 845m

Dénivelé négatif 850m




Château de Monbazillac


Dénivelé positif 555m

Dénivelé négatif 550m







Dénivelé positif 606m

Dénivelé négatif 611m






Château de Lanquais


Dénivelé positif 470m

Dénivelé négatif 470m





Dénivelé positif 1325m

Dénivelé négatif 1330m






Château de Lanquais


Dénivelé positif 841m

Dénivelé négatif 841m





Dénivelé positif 556m

Dénivelé négatif 551m






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